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Business Retention & Expansion

Funding Opportunities

RDC’s funding opportunities aim to help maintain and/or build businesses that drive economic growth in rural, Native American and urban communities. These funding opportunities help increase revenue, create jobs and accelerate business growth. Unlike traditional investments, these funds allow small businesses to receive support without giving away any ownership of the company, filling a unique niche, which supports businesses that lack collateral for debt financing.

General Information About the Funding Opportunities


What are the requirements?


While each fund has different requirements, all applicants are required to:

  • Be a for-profit business with a business license and business bank account

  • Be headquartered in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe or Taos County


How can I apply for funding?

The application process for each fund opens once a year. Click on the fund name below to see the when the application process opens, when applications are due, and learn more about the fund. RDC staff is available to help with the application process every step of the way. Please contact with questions or to learn more. The RDC also be hosts a series of funding information workshops throughout the region during the year.


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Application period opens
April 3, 2024

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Grants are available to small businesses in the seven-county RDC service area.


Application period closed March 17, 2024
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No-interest loans are available to technology & manufacturing businesses  in the seven-county RDC service area.


Application period closed August 1, 2023
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Grants are available to companies owned 51% or more by a federally-recognized Indian tribe or tribal member in the seven-county RDC service area.

One-on-One Technical Assistance

One Tech shutterstock_367746548.jpg

The RDC’s one-on-one technical assistance services allow current or future business owners to access free, individualized support from dedicated RDC staff to help identify resources that will help their businesses grow and succeed. This may include:

  • Free, individual consultations and on-site visits from RDC staff, who are available to make it as easy for small business owners to learn about and access the resources available to them

  • On-going personalized attention and follow-up from RDC staff, who are available every step of the way to ensure businesses navigate long-term opportunities while remaining focused on their day-to-day responsibilities 

  • Identifying additional resources available to businesses, which may include additional funding, advice, and/or business plan development assistance from various public and private entities

  • Mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities with other businesses in the area

Community Outreach

Throughout the year, RDC facilitates a wide range of business and community development activities to assist businesses in Northern New Mexico communities. This may include: 

  • Facilitating networking events, workshops, job fairs in the seven-county area, as well as economic development meetings in rural areas

  • Hosting economic development conferences to bring together a wide range of business representatives from the seven-county region to discuss Northern New Mexico’s economic future 

  • Connecting businesses to additional resources from various public and private entities

  • Implementing specific programs and learning “boot camps” such as financial planning, marketing) to help in specific subject areas

  • Offering bilingual workshops to small business owners

These and other resources and events will be made available by the RDC throughout the year. Please continue to check our website or email RDC staff at or to learn more about upcoming activities. 

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